I love you.

Taylor Swift to every fan ever. Those who’ve spent a few minutes on her and those who’ve spent hours. Those who meet her and those you don’t. Those who’ve seen her live and those who haven’t. Those who have every piece of merchandise and those who have none. Those who live in America and those who live in another beautiful country somewhere. Those who’s pictures and posts and selfies she’s liked/read/reblogged or replied to and those who are still waiting to be noticed. Those she follows and those she doesn’t.

Taylor can’t individually show her love to every one of us because there are so so so many of us (which is amazing and wonderful), but she loves and appreciates us all and she shows it in so many little ways as well as grand gestures.

R e m e m b e r  t h i s.

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we need a secret code for candids like if she touches her right ear then that’s her being like “shoutout to my peeps on tumblr” and only we’ll know what it means oooooh scandalous

taylorswift feel free to try this out



Lmao this is why following Brooke is important!



i honestly don’t believe inside the studio is legit. like, who runs it? i’ve never hear of it. is there a website? are there names associated with it? the only stuff i’ve ever seen them do is give very vague “info” that we pretty much already knew. like, any one of us could have tweeted this. so until i get some more info, i don’t buy insidethestudio.

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